New Thai Dishes - Restaurant Menu

Thai Starters

T1 Spicy Thai's Prawn Crackers £3.00
T2 Thai Fish Cake £6.80
T3 Thai Skewered Chicken £6.80
T4 Thai Chicken Wings £6.80
T5 Thai Spring Roll £6.00
T6 Thai Prawn Cakes £7.50

Thai Soups

T7 Thai's Chico Tom Yam Gai Soup (Spicy Chicken, Coconut Soup seasoned with Lemongrass, Ginger, Chilli & Coriander) £4.00
T8 Thai Tom Yam Goong Soup (Spicy Seafood Soup seasoned with Lemongrass, Ginger, Chilli & Coriander) £4.80

Pattayan Cream Curries

Rich creamy coconut flavour curry with fine beans

T9 Chicken £10.00
T10 Beef £10.00
T11 King Prawn £11.50
T12 Special £11.90
T13 Duck £11.00

Garlic Coriander Dishes

These are also available with spring onion and courgettes

T14 Chicken £10.00
T15 Beef £10.00
T16 King Prawn £11.50
T17 Special £11.90
T18 Duck £11.00

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Thai Sauce Dishes

These dishes are made with sweet basil, Thai hot sauce, green pepper and fine beans combined together and served on a sizzling platter

T19 Chicken £10.90
T20 Beef £11.90
T21 King Prawn £12.50
T22 Fillet Steak £13.50
T23 Special £12.90
T24 Duck £12.10


Thai Kar Pow Dishes

These dishes are a subtle combination of Thai herbs, garlic, onion and mild chilli

T25 Chicken £10.00
T26 Beef £10.00
T27 King Prawn £11.50
T28 Special £11.90

Thai Fried Rice

Sweet basil, coriander, spring onions and mild chilli go together to make up this dish

T29 Chicken £10.00
T30 Beef £10.00
T31 King Prawn £11.50
T32 Special £11.90
T33 Duck £11.00
T34 Vegetarian £9.00

top of page Thai Vermicelli

T35 Chicken £10.00
T36 Beef £10.00
T37 King Prawn £11.50
T38 Special £11.90
T39 Duck £11.00

Spicy Thai Sweet & Chilli Sauce new

With pineapple & vegetables

T40 Chicken £10.00
T41 Pork £10.00
T42 King Prawn £11.50
T43 Special £11.90
T44 Duck £11.00

Spicy Thai Red Curry new

Rich coconut milk, pineapple, bamboo shoots, chilli & thai herbs

T45 Chicken £10.00
T46 Pork £10.00
T47 King Prawn £11.50
T48 Special £11.90
T49 Duck £11.00


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